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The advantages of using light magnesia balls are those

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The advantages of using light magnesia balls are those

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

What are the benefits of using light magnesia balls? Light burned magnesia ball is a basic refractory product. The function of CaO is that it can replace CaO in lime, ensure the final slag basicity and reduce lime addition. CaO can react with SiO2 in the slag, CaO+SiO2=3CaO.SiO2, Ca2SiO4, C3S and C2S are all high melting points. If the content of CaO in the slag is sufficient, the main component of the light burning Magnesium Oxide ball is MgO based. Although by adjusting the operation of MgO in the slag, it can reduce the heat of slag and thickening the slag, but using the C - O reaction C+ (FeO) =Fe+CO to reduce the content of FeO in the slag and the saturation solubility of MgO, so that the MgO in the slag can be more easily reached or exceeded the saturation value. Therefore, the modified slag has higher refractoriness and suitable viscosity to meet the conditions of slag splashing and furnace protection. Therefore, carbon addition can be properly added to light burned Magnesium Oxide balls.

The use of light magnesia ball has four main advantages:

1. Slag basicity suitable for slag splashing protection: R (CaO/SiO2) is about 3.5.

2, suitable amount of residue (Dun Gang): 90---100Kg/t

3, appropriate spatter time: 2--4min

4, control the MgO value of final slag:

5, the final slag MgO content (recommended value%) chooses the suitable light burned magnesia ball: less than MgO or more than 45%, according to the final slag situation of the converter, the composition of light burned Magnesium Oxide ball should be adjusted appropriately. Increase the life of the furnace and reduce the cost of steelmaking.