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Sustainable development of magnesium industry in Dashiqiao -- medium light magnesia ball

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Sustainable development of magnesium industry in Dashiqiao -- medium light magnesia ball

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

The flourishing development trend of magnesium industry has outlined the attractive "magnesium" landscape in this hot soil in Dashiqiao, reflecting the sustainable development process of magnesium industry from resources advantage to industrial advantage.

Relying on resources to build a characteristic pillar industry

In September 2011, the Yingkou national high tech industrialization base of magnesia materials (referred to as magnesium base) was reviewed by the Ministry of science and technology. Under the guidance and support of the state, provincial and municipal science and technology departments, Dashiqiao, as the core area of magnesium base, has undertaken the main task of the construction of magnesium base. In accordance with the development ideas of "diversification, high-end, scale and ecological", the construction of magnesium base has always persisted in the development and transformation of comprehensive utilization of resources, high and new technology of magnesia materials, the development and transformation of circular economy technology, which has formed a collection of exploration and exploitation. The four major industrial systems, magnesia refractory, magnesium and magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy, magnesia chemical material and magnesia building material, have transformed resources advantage into strong economic advantages. Magnesium industry has become the leading pillar industry of economic development in Dashiqiao by virtue of resource advantages and scale effect, and it is a provincial government. The government has identified one of the twelve demonstration industrial clusters in the province.

In the last two years, our city insists on implementing the strategy of "scientific planning, key breakthroughs, comprehensive promotion, the development of leaping light burning magnesium ball", relying on scientific and technological innovation, improving the comprehensive utilization of resources, improving the level of equipment, expanding the application field, transforming the resources advantage into economic advantage. In 2013, the total output value of magnesium industry was 85 billion yuan, 1.4 times higher than that in 2011, an annual increase of 20%, the output value of intensive processing products reached 59 billion 500 million yuan, the deep processing capacity reached the international advanced level, the domestic market share of magnesia material reached more than 60%, and the products were exported to the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and other 95 countries and regions. The development of magnesium industry has achieved six domestic most, namely, the total amount and level of the magnesium industry, the first of the high and new technology products of magnesia material, the first of the magnesium materials, the first of the fixed and unshaped products, the first of the high grade electric melting Magnesium Oxide, and the export of magnesia refractories for export. 1.