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Light burning ball use

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Light burning ball use

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:


The preparation of light burning magnesium ball is to add 80% light magnesia powder to 2O water and put into a mixer to roll, stir and mix 15 ~ 2Omin to form a mixture. The products of light burned magnesia ball were dried after 48h and formed strength, and then sold.

The use of light burned magnesia ball is folding, pressure resistant, high strength, gas hardening, cementitious material, widely used in national defense, medicine, chemical industry, papermaking, shipbuilding and other industries. In the building materials industry, we can make fetal boards, particleboard, thermal insulation columns, railings, artificial marble, asbestos tiles, ordinary tiles, wall panels, and lay floors. With the progress of science and technology, the use of light magnesia powder is more extensive. It can be used as civil, heavy and heavy machinery packing box, packing bottom beam, high temperature refractory material. It can also make beautiful and bright and bright furniture, and can be used as casting model in the machinery industry.

If you have any questions about the use of light burned magnesia ball, please contact our company for more information about the use of light burned magnesia ball.