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Liaoning light burned magnesia ball supplier alliance held in Dashiqiao

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Liaoning light burned magnesia ball supplier alliance held in Dashiqiao

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

In the morning of September 15th, the Liaoning magnesia material supplier alliance, sponsored by Yingkou Qinghua Group and Haicheng British group, held a meeting in Dashiqiao. There were 26 magnesium materials enterprises and scientific research institutes in Liaoning as a member of the alliance. It marks that the light burning magnesium ball manufacturers will create a production and the classics under the guidance of the industry alliance. A new way of the camp. Wang Hailin, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for information and industry, special resource protection office, and vice mayor of Dashiqiao attended the meeting.

Wang Hailin made a speech at the founding conference, introduced the advantages of Dashiqiao magnesium industry, and represented Dashiqiao Municipal Committee, municipal government and all magnesium materials enterprises to express their thanks to the leaders and entrepreneurs who are concerned with the development of the magnesium industry in Dashiqiao. He pointed out that the establishment of the Liaoning magnesia material industry alliance is an important measure to promote the innovation and development model of the enterprise as the main body, and is a useful attempt to strengthen the main position of the enterprise's development. After the establishment of the alliance, it is beneficial to integrate the resources of industrial technology innovation, deepen the cooperation of production, research and research, promote the adjustment of enterprise structure and upgrade the industry. At the same time, it will guide the enterprise's integrity and self-discipline, standardize the market order, jointly open up the market of magnesium chloride products, and put forward some suggestions for the government to formulate policies.

The conference adopted the "proposal for the formation of the Liaoning magnesia material industry alliance", the constitution of the Liaoning refractory industry alliance and the leadership of the alliance Council. The 26 alliance members will be supported by the Haicheng and Dashiqiao two magnesia material bases in accordance with the thought of one alliance and two regions and two magnesia materials production bases in Haicheng and Dashiqiao. Resources, standardize the market transaction, expand the field of market service, realize the core and key technology of industry development, improve the industrial chain, promote the adjustment of the economic structure and the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and improve the core competitiveness of the industry.

At the meeting, the director of the alliance said, "holding a warm group for warm winter" is the way for the refractory enterprises to face the difficulties of the industry. The industrial alliance is a cooperative model of mutual cooperation and resource integration among enterprises to ensure the market advantages of each member and seek new scale, standard, function or positioning. He promised