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Necessity of accelerating technological innovation in Chinas refractories industry

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Necessity of accelerating technological innovation in Chinas refractories industry

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

With the rapid development of high temperature industry, such as iron and steel, colored, petrochemical and building materials, the refractory industry has maintained a good growth trend, and has become a big country for the production and export of refractory materials in the world.

One, analysis of market competition risk

Refractories (light burned magnesia ball, light magnesia powder, etc.) can be subdivided into market, price risk and business risk with the market competition risk of binder industry. First demand risk, demand is the key factor affecting the bond sales of refractory materials, the demand is relative to the supply of magnesium chloride, supply increases, demand decreases, sales will encounter difficulties; second is the price risk, the high yield per unit area of refractory materials with binder products is high, but too high Selling prices will seriously affect sales; third is business risk, refers to the possibility that the developers are not good at developing refractory materials because of poor management and management, or not enough to compensate for the operating costs. This kind of risk is mainly attributable to the developers' subjective prediction errors and decision-making errors in the development cost, rental price, development cycle and financing.

Two, analysis of technical level risk

In China, the scientific research and technical support of refractory materials (light magnesia burning ball, light magnesia powder and so on) is not enough. Although the technical level can not meet the demand of current enterprise production, the speed of industry renewal is slow and behind the developed countries.

Three, enterprise competition risk analysis

At present, there are two main aspects of the competition of the bonded enterprises for refractory materials in China, one is the competition of domestic enterprises and the other is facing the international competition. Under the current economic situation, the development prospect of large enterprises is better, and small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of acquisition or merger.

At present, the refractory material (light magnesite ball, light magnesia powder and so on) should win in the market competition with the binder and not be eliminated. It is necessary to make every effort to give full play to its own advantages, improve the technical level and reduce the production cost.

Four. Analysis of enterprise export risk

In the international market, the biggest disadvantage is that the competition of domestic enterprises is out of order, and they suppress themselves. Competing to keep prices down, the profit margins of the thin refractories with binders were thinner. The products of China's export refractories are mostly low-end products, and the competitive means are also single. Apart from solving some employment problems, there are no obvious advantages. Our enterprises have far less ability to exploit and tap.