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How to protect the furnace of light burning magnesium ball in slag splashing

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How to protect the furnace of light burning magnesium ball in slag splashing

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How to protect the furnace of light burning magnesium ball in slag splashing

Furnace age is a comprehensive technical index for converter steelmaking. Increasing furnace life can not only reduce consumption of refractories, but also help to balance production and promote a virtuous cycle of production. Therefore, the goal of iron and steel enterprises has always been to raise the life of converter greatly. The converter lining is exposed to high temperature and high oxidizing conditions and is usually eroded at the rate of 0.2 to 0.8mm/ furnace. Slag splashing is a new technology to improve furnace life in recent years. This technology uses MgO content to reach saturated or supersaturated steelmaking finish slag. Through the splashing of high pressure nitrogen, cooling and solidifying on the surface of the furnace lining, forming a layer of high melting point slag and bonding with the furnace lining. Spatter slag layer formed by slag splashing has good corrosion resistance, can inhibit oxidation decarburization of lining brick surface, and can reduce the erosion and erosion of high temperature slag to lining brick, thus protect lining bricks, reduce the loss rate of refractory materials, reduce the consumption of gunning material, increase the service life of furnace lining, raise operation rate of converter and reduce production cost.

Light magnesia ball is mainly used in converter steelmaking and slag making. The product is added to the converter slag and reacts quickly with the slag. It can effectively adjust the composition of the fully mechanized slag, make the main minerals in the slag phase into MgO, C3S and C2S phase of high melting point, improve the viscosity and melting point of the slag, thus greatly improve the effect of slag splashing. Therefore, light burned magnesia ball is a slag regulator for slag splashing in converter.

The light burned magnesia ball is made of high active Magnesium Oxide as the main raw material, adding proper additives, and making balls and drying by mixing, ball pressing machine or pellet.

With the rapid development of metallurgical industry, the open hearth steelmaking has been eliminated and the transition from large to large converter has been made. The technology of slag splashing in converter is to blow nitrogen with oxygen lance after the tapping of converter. The residual slag containing a certain amount of MgO in the furnace is evenly spattered into the furnace wall, and a layer of slag is spattered evenly on the furnace wall to protect the lining.