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What are the specifications for refired magnesia?

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What are the specifications for refired magnesia?

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What are the specifications for refired magnesia?

The main specifications of the refired magnesia are 0mm-0.5mm; 0mm-1mm; 1mm-3mm; 3mm-5mm; 5mm-10mm; 10mm-30mm; 50mm-200mm; 200mm-500mm; the high magnesite ore is mainly calcined by high content magnesite ore through the iron shaft kiln. The refired magnesia is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of unshaped refractory materials. All kinds of refractory materials produced by it are mainly used in the iron and steel industry, as well as in glass, cement and nonferrous metallurgy industries. Because of its good high temperature bending strength, slag resistance and corrosion resistance, refired magnesia can improve the service life of furnace lining of steelmaking furnace, so it is widely used in steelmaking flat furnace, furnace bottom and ramming lining. Lining refractory for steelmaking furnaces is also a high quality ideal material for making refractory bricks with indefinite refractories.

The resolution of the refired Magnesium Oxide only needs to know that his production process can be known. The production equipment used for reburning Magnesium Oxide is a iron shaft kiln, and the 46% content of magnesium stone is calcined at 1600 C -1800 C through the iron shaft kiln. In this case, it can be judged to reburn Magnesium Oxide. The main main models of Magnesium Oxide are 80% content, 85% content and 90% content. The main color of Magnesium Oxide is reddish brown, and the reburned Magnesium Oxide products are widely used for magnesia brick, magnesia aluminum brick, magnesia chrome brick, spray filling material, pouring material, dry material, smear material, and remedial material. Bituminous, casting, fireproofing and heat preservation materials, flux accessories, electric steel making furnaces, heating furnaces, rotary furnaces, steelmaking, electric furnace bottom and tamping lining.

The heavy burned magnesia is mainly made of 46% magnesite ore, which is calcined by 1600 kilo -1800 calcite at a level of coal and a layer of magnesite. The production process is two tons of ore produced by a ton of magnesia produced by a ton of three grades. First, the kiln before burning magnesia, two, less burning magnesia, three, large mass of magnesia, reburned magnesia products are the main color of hard reddish brown, reburning magnesia product features with high refractoriness.

Use for magnesia products: products are used for magnesia brick, magnesia - aluminum brick, magnesia chrome brick, sprayed material, castable, dry material, coating material, remedial material, bitumen, casting, fire and insulation material, flux auxiliary material, electric steelmaking furnace, heating furnace, rotary furnace, steelmaking, furnace bottom of electric furnace and ramming lining. Refired magnesia