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Technological characteristics of light fired Magnesium Oxide ball

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Technological characteristics of light fired Magnesium Oxide ball

Release date:2017-06-23 Author: Click:

Technological characteristics of light fired Magnesium Oxide ball

Light burned Magnesium Oxide ball is made of high magnesium and low silicon powder as main raw material and other auxiliary materials pressed by ball pressing machine. It is a new type of material for slag drilling in converter. The light burning Magnesium Oxide ball is mainly used as the component regulator of slag protection in the slag splashing furnace, because the slag splashing is required to have suitable viscosity and refractoriness, and the reasonable slag composition is the key to the implementation of slag splashing. The general furnace slag can not be directly carried out in the splash furnace. A certain amount of light fired Magnesium Oxide ball should be added to the use of dolomite in the regulation age, and the content of Magnesium Oxide in the slag is improved. Because Magnesium Oxide is a high melting point mineral, the melting point 2800 C, the increase of the content of Magnesium Oxide in the slag, the slag degree becomes larger, the fire resistance is increased, the slag is more easily combined with the furnace lining, and the effective slag protection layer is formed on the lining, thus improving the life of the furnace lining and reducing the consumption. The light burned magnesium ball under the new technology, but the quality of the light burned magnesium ball in the market is uneven. From the selection of raw materials to the production and processing of the products, and then to the transportation and sales, the pace of the advance of each company is not consistent, which leads to the maximization of the interests of the customers and enterprises. Some of the products that have not been converted to old production lines have low ball rate. After the raw material is processed by a ball press, half of the products are made of products and half of them are granules. The powder needs to be returned manually to the ball press and the ball is loose. The density is small, the strength is low, and it is easy to break. Especially when loading and unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the sphere is easy to break, and the shape of the ball is incomplete. Some are half balls, some are 1/3 balls, some of them are different in shape and shape, the surface is lustrous and the appearance is poor. Users are not satisfied. Due to the loose, low density and low strength of light burned magnesia sphere, the ball is liable to break during loading and unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling. Therefore, when the light burning magnesium ball is sent to the steelmaking furnace and repayments with the molten steel, the partially broken particles and particles are collected and treated as waste by the electrostatic precipitator inside the chimney by the strong negative pressure suction furnace on the top of the converter furnace top, resulting in the following 3 results to increase the damage process of the converter lining masonry. To increase the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment and increase the consumption of light burned magnesia balls per ton of steel.