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Another big use of light magnesia - sewage treatment

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Another big use of light magnesia - sewage treatment

Release date:2017-06-13 Author: Click:

Another big use of light magnesia - sewage treatment

It is shown that magnesium hydroxide can not only neutralize the acid in the wastewater, but also can precipitate in the water, Cu, Fe, Cr, Pb, Zn plasma, and further clear through the adsorption of magnesium hydroxide, which can be completely removed, and the Ni and Cd plasma can also be partially removed. The magnesia powder water treatment agent produced by Yingkou Bohai magnesite material Co., Ltd. has been used in the sewage treatment system of several cities at home and abroad. Because of its product quality stability and good service, it has formed a good reputation in the industry. It is the first step to effectively reduce the discharge of sewage, select the light burned magnesia powder and do well the sewage treatment.

The light burned magnesia and water react with water to produce magnesium hydroxide, and the first part of the powder light magnesia powder and sewage reacts to produce magnesium hydroxide MgO+H2O=Mg (OH) 2, and the light burned magnesia powder and sewage react to produce magnesium hydroxide for a moment, and treat the harmful impurities such as silicon in the sewage, because the magnesium hydroxide is buffered because of its buffering property. In recent years, it has been widely used in water treatment systems because of its high activity, strong adsorption capacity, no corrosion, safety, innocuity and harmlessness. In particular, heavy metals in sewage are not easily metabolized in the environment and are easily enriched in the environment and are easily enriched along the biologic chain. The harm to the environment is more serious. The surface area of the magnesium hydroxide is large, the adsorption capacity is strong and the solubility product is larger than that of the ordinary metal. Therefore, the heavy metal is treated with magnesium hydroxide. In addition to adsorption, ions will also produce precipitates due to displacement.