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The shortcoming of light magnesia ball

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The shortcoming of light magnesia ball

Release date:2017-06-03 Author: Click:

The shortcoming of light magnesia ball

Everything has two sides, light burning of magnesium ball is no exception, with many advantages, there are also some shortcomings, should be paid attention to in the selection and construction.

1 high cost of investment

Because the outer sheath of Magnesium Oxide cable is made up of seamless copper tube, the total copper content is far more than ordinary cable. Meanwhile, the construction technology of Magnesium Oxide cable is higher than ordinary cable, and the price of Magnesium Oxide cable is about 30% higher than that of ordinary cable.

2 great difficulty in construction

The hardness of the light burning magnesium ball is higher than that of the general cable, and the weight is about 2 times of the general cable. It is difficult to reach the parallel and tidy effect when laying, and the line is long, the joint is many, and the trouble point is difficult to find. Therefore, the construction is difficult, and it is difficult to bend in the inlet and outlet box and the bridge frame.

3 joints are easily dampened

The insulating layer is made up of mineral Magnesium Oxide. It is easy to react with the moisture in the air and produce electrically conductive magnesium hydroxide. In the construction of the cable head, the insulation resistance of the cable is generally above 10M Omega when the cable end is stripped off the exposed conductor, but if the cable head is not completed within 1 hours, the insulation resistance can fall below 10M Omega or even below 0.5M Omega. If it is not noticed to break the outer layer, it is not found in time and as a sealing and moisture-proof place. The insulation value will drop rapidly and will gradually decrease to 0, which will make the cable unusable.

4 the workload of construction is large

Light burned magnesium ball with a specification of more than 35mm is a single core cable, such as 1 70mm cable, ordinary cable only 3 x 70+2 x 35 five conductors in the same outer sheath, and Magnesium Oxide will reach the same specification with 3 70mm and 1 35mm single core cables. The delivery length of single core cable is shorter, for example, the cable delivery length of 240mm is 69 meters. If a long distance is laid, a large number of intermediate joints will be made and the construction work will be doubled.