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The advantages of light magnesia balls

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The advantages of light magnesia balls

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The advantages of light magnesia balls

1. High working temperature

Because the melting point temperature of the insulating layer of Magnesium Oxide crystal is much higher than the melting point temperature of copper, the maximum temperature of the long term normal operation of the cable can reach 250 degrees C, and it can operate normally at the melting point temperature of copper near the temperature of 1083 C in the short term.

2. Complete fire prevention

The light burning magnesium ball does not burn itself completely, it can run for a long time at 250 degrees C, and can also keep the normal operation for 30 minutes at the limit state of 1000, and will not cause the fire source at the same time. Even if there is a flame barbecue, if the flame temperature is lower than the melting point temperature of copper, after the flame is removed, the cable can continue to be used without replacement. No toxic smoke or gas can be produced when barbecued by flame.

3. The ability of overload protection is strong

When the line is overloaded, the cable will not be damaged as long as the heating point does not reach the melting point temperature of copper. Even if the breakdown is instantaneous, the Magnesium Oxide crystal will not form carbides at the breakdown point. After the overload is eliminated, the performance of the cable will not change, and it can continue to be used normally.

4. Anticorrosion and explosion-proof performance

Because of the use of seamless copper tube as a sheath, the light burned magnesium ball has the properties of waterproof, tidal gas, oil and some chemical substances, and the copper pipe has considerable mechanical strength and therefore has better explosion-proof performance.

5. Long service life

All the Magnesium Oxide cables are made of inorganic materials, so there is no insulation aging. The service life can reach more than 3 times of the ordinary cable.

6. The flexibility of laying is large

Magnesium Oxide cable can be laid on the bridge with ordinary cable, and it can also be applied with special support. It is more flexible than ordinary cable laying. It also saves the input of cable bridge. It can reduce the overall cost of the project.