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Purification of light magnesia balls

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Purification of light magnesia balls

Release date:2017-05-31 Author: Click:

The purifying method of light burning magnesium ball with light burning ball

First, flotation is one of the main purification methods for the treatment of light magnesia balls. For the ores with silicate minerals as talcum and quartz, the flotation usually is under the natural pH of the pulp, adding amine cationic collector and foaming agent can achieve good results, and the purity of light magnesite ball can be improved to 95%-97%.

Two. The thermal separation method: the difference between the magnesite and the talcum on the thermal properties, the density difference and the hardness difference between the two are caused by calcining, and the mineral is separated by selective crushing and simple screening or grading.

Three, light burning: MAGNESITE calcined at 750-1100 degrees centigrade calcined, and its product is calcined magnesium powder. Since the calcining of magnesite is generally about 50%, the MgO content in the ores can be increased by 1 times by burning lightly. In this sense, light burning is the most effective means of enrichment. In addition, light burning is also a preparatory work for magnesite thermal separation and some gravity separation. Light burned magnesia has high activity and is an ideal raw material for producing magnesite with high bulk density.