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Brief introduction of light magnesia powder

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Brief introduction of light magnesia powder

Release date:2017-05-23 Author: Click:

Light burned magnesia powder is divided into nine grades according to chemical composition: QM-96, QM-95, QM-94, QM-92, QM-90, QM-87, QM-85, QM-80 and QM-75.

One test method

The method of chemical analysis was carried out according to GB 5069.

The particle size determination was checked by international standard sieves, that is, 120 mesh and 100 mesh were inspected with the international standard sieve 0.125mm and 0.15mm respectively.

Two test rules

The weight of each batch is not more than 120 t.

Samples for determination of granularity should be sampled before the batch. The samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after the batch. 25kg take one sample per 20 bags, and each big bag (1000kg) takes one sample.

After mixing the obtained granularity samples, the particle size was determined by 10~20g. After mixing, the samples were reduced to 200g and sent to laboratory for analysis.

The test results, if a chemical component is not qualified or abnormal, will be rechecked twice in the same batch of product batch, and the results