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Light burned magnesia is an important refractory

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Light burned magnesia is an important refractory

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Light burned magnesia is an important refractory

Light burned magnesia powder is a material with medium alkalinity and chemical activity. It is used in other industrial fields besides refractories and cementitious materials. In addition, the development of converter slag splashing technology has further expanded the application scope of light burned magnesia powder. At present, the technology of slag splashing is used to make the light burned magnesia powder after the ball, with light burning magnesia powder, carbon containing light burning Magnesium Oxide and carbon containing calcium and light burning magnesia powder. Choosing calcining way and controlling light burning temperature is an important means to obtain good activity. With the increase of calcination temperature, the specific surface area of MgO decreased significantly. When the temperature is greater than 1000 degrees, the recrystallization speed of MgO increases, the dispersion decreases sharply and the activity becomes worse. Using different calcination methods and calcining equipment at the same temperature is also an important factor affecting MgO activity. If the fluidized bed furnace and suspension furnace are used to calcinate and decompose rapidly in an instant, the magnesia powder with maximum activity can be obtained. In the way of tunnel kiln and large reflector kiln, the calcining time is very long, which often makes the surface burn over and burn internally, which will reduce the activity of light burned magnesia powder. The calcination of granular magnesite by rotary kiln is between the two, and it can also maintain the activity of light burned magnesia powder.

1 the weight of each batch is not more than 120 t per batch.

2 the sample size should be sampled before the batch. The samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after the batch. 25kg take one sample per 20 bags, and each big bag (1000kg) takes one sample.

After mixing the obtained granularity samples, the particle size was determined by 10~20g. After mixing, the samples were reduced to 200g and sent to laboratory for analysis.

3 if a chemical component is not qualified or abnormal, a double number of samples in the same batch of products are rechecked once, and the result of the reinspection is the final test result of the product.