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CQMI weak stable magnesium chloride actual transaction price is low

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CQMI weak stable magnesium chloride actual transaction price is low

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

According to the recent changes in the light calcined magnesium powder price index (CQMI), the price of light burned magnesia powder continues to be weak, but the overall performance of the market is relatively stable. By the end of 8 month of 8 2015, the average tax price of light burned magnesium powder in Haicheng area was 540.9 yuan per ton, which was down from the beginning of 2015, but not much.

Recently, I visited several light burned magnesia enterprises in Haicheng area to extract magnesium chloride. As a newly processed product, the price of light burned magnesia is low and the profit is limited. Coupled with the low return rate of industry inertia, SMEs are unable to bear the pressure of capital, so as to maintain the normal operation of enterprises. Although the quotations outside the factory remain stable, in order to attract customers, the actual bargaining price is relatively large, and the discount rate ranges from 20 to 30 yuan / ton. The price of steam coal continues to fall, and the strong support for the cost price of light burned magnesia is the biggest advantage of the light burned magnesia market. Although "gold nine silver ten" is in hand, but on the current market situation and the trend of CQMI, the macro lack of good, low market demand is difficult to have a big rise, the price up conditions are limited; but at present close to the cost of the transaction, the price decline is less likely. On the whole, the market of light burned magnesia will continue to be weak and stable in the short term.