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Notice on adjusting the price of light burned magnesia, heavy burned magnesia, fused magnesia etc.

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Notice on adjusting the price of light burned magnesia, heavy burned magnesia, fused magnesia etc.

Release date:2017-04-13 Author:双杰耐火 Click:

All member units and relevant enterprises and institutions:

After investigation and discussion, the trade association has issued the [2007] thirty-fifth document "prediction on the market price of refractories in 2008". Recently, the price of raw materials (light burned magnesia powder) has reached or exceeded the forecast. In November 1, 2007, when the price of gasoline and diesel increased by 500 yuan per ton, the tonne kilometers of railway transportation increased by 0.02 yuan, and the tonne kilometers of motor vehicles increased by 0.10 yuan. Magnesite ore increased by 35 yuan; white coal increased by 100 yuan per ton; iron ore coal increased by nearly 50 yuan per ton; graphite electrode rose from 27% yuan per ton 9300 yuan to 11800 yuan. In addition, after the export tax rebate was abolished, the export tax rate of 5% was tentatively fixed since June 1, 2007.

Our city is the main producing area of magnesia refractory material (light magnesia burning ball, light magnesia powder). It produces more than 570 enterprises with various magnesia materials, various magnesia products (light magnesia ball, light magnesia powder etc.), and the production of deep processed magnesia products accounts for more than 70% of the country. In order to control the market order of refractory materials, users should be assured to choose suppliers and contractors to achieve win-win needs. I will carry out activities to select excellent suppliers and excellent contractors. According to the comprehensive strength of enterprise scale, product R & D capability, technical force, testing means, product quality, production, sales volume, export volume and enterprise credit construction, comprehensive evaluation is carried out on the basis of enterprise application, Association review, industry expert group preliminary evaluation, industry publicity and Council discussion. Decided to grant the Yingkou green flower refractory Limited by Share Ltd and other 19 first "outstanding contractors", and decided to grant Liaoning Jinding magnesium mine group Co., Ltd. and other 22 first batch of refractory "excellent suppliers" to the users. The relevant matters may be consulted by the Yingkou durable wood Association.